Just #LoCo

#LoCo, as an acronym for “LOving the music COmmunity”, a community of artists, producers, and FANS, also means “crazy” or “insane” in the Spanish language.
And here we are – getting a bit “loco” together with insane music in the playlists.

Our Story

#LoCo is also a joint project, sponsored and supported by the #LoCo.GROUP and the participating producers, with the aim of releasing new good-mood music for fans of electronic dance music.

The #LoCo.GROUP will start its colorful pool party concept in summer 2021, similar to the “Holi Festivals” that are already known worldwide. The party series starts at the Turkish Riviera in the # LoCo.ARENA in Antalya and “Love Me LoCo” will be the theme song for the party series.

#LoCo | Love.Colors.Festival³

“I think music itself is ‘loco’. It’s an explosive expression of mood. It’s something that touches all of us. No matter what culture we come from, everyone loves music.”